Fancy coming along to one of our own parties?

We host monthly themed nights with settings ranging from Greek to Flamenco and much, much more. If you were ever hesitant to see how great the service and facilities of our function rooms and venues are, then just come down to see for yourself! We pride ourselves on the quality of our events, and try and produce something original and unique for our guests every month. Every night we put every ounce of effort we can muster to make sure the night is just as our guests would enjoy it, from the decor to the arrangement to the nuances of the sound system, everything is tailored for an absolutely divine experience, every time.

Our In House Events

Our Fantastical in house events often act as a precursor to our venue hire, and are a perfect opportunity to come and see the place for yourself, whilst having a night to remember in the process. And with our grand selection on food, drinks and beverages on the premises you’re sure to find that we are one of the top players in services in the area, as wellbeing amazed by the sheer quality of our catering and venue hire services.

Over the years, Sussex Venues has been host to some of the biggest and most up-and-coming live acts this side of the East Coast. We’re proud to be the sponsor and showcase of the best talent in the area, and we welcome you to come and enjoy it with us. From live bands to traditional music to theatre and stand up, our venue has been host to some of the most outlandish and unique acts across the whole of the South East.