Since starting our venue hire service, we're proud to say that Sussex Venues has swiftly soared through the rankings as facilitating of Brighton and Sussex's most cherished party venues. Boasting both a large indoor and outdoor function space and in-house and experienced catering and drinks services, we have the know-how, experience and capabilities to house a limitless variety of events, ranging from live music to themed party nights to celebrations. On top of this, our catering staff have an incredible amount of experience under their belt, meaning you need not look elsewhere for your food and drink needs, we have it all taken care of for you.

One thing that makes us prouder than any other is the versatility we offer to our customers. Our venue is easily adaptable to any needs, whether you require stages, seating spaces, set pieces or anything else, we have what it takes to transform other venue exactly to your needs and to make your perfect event a reality. An easy drive from Brighton and the surrounding towns of East Sussex means we're always here and ready to set up the meet whatever need you may have.

Looking to host an event?

If you're going to host any kind of event, you want to be sure your venue owner understands and co-operates with your vision. Our flexible venue means we have an almost limitless potential for arrangement, seating, staging, lighting facilities and so much more. On top of that we have our highly experienced staff and management as well as our amazingly talented in-house caterers at your service when you need them. This means we're ready to work as closely as we need to with you to accommodate any arrangement, theme or ideas your event may require.

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